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The field of adaptation is a wide and varied area of study that can encompass all things from literature, drama, film, television, video & tabletop games, music, and more. Check out these videos and discussions on adaptations to get inspired! 

Get to know Silm Film: 
Members of the Silm Film podcast will be presenting at LAMoot! Since 2015, Corey Olsen, Trish Lambert, and Dave Kale have been performing an exercise in adaptation for J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. The goal of the Silm Film “is to apply the kind of creative analysis and imaginative investment that you have to bring to an adaptation. To enter back into The Silmarillion and live there. And think about how we would make this story work and communicate to people.”
All four seasons of Silm Film are available on iTunes via The Tolkien Professor podcast and on Mythgard.org. Learn more about Silm Film and see where it all began with the first preproduction episode.

Mythgard Academy talks adaptation:
The Mythgard Academy offers free scholarly discussions of speculative literature led by Dr. Corey Olsen and often feature books that have popular adaptations. Check out the discussions on the difficulties, successes, and shortcomings of adapting literature into film for the following works: 


Signum Symposia: Presenting at Conferences
New to presenting at conferences or looking for some helpful tips for your presentation? Watch Signum University’s own Sørina Higgins discuss the skills for preparing and delivering the kind of conference talk that will be a pleasant, engaging, enjoyable experience for you and everyone who attends. 


The Mythgard Movie Club
Featuring Signum University graduates Kat Sas and Curtis Weyant, the Mythgard Movie Club meets about every 6 – 8 weeks to discuss speculative films, including science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, and others. With a rotating group of panelists who are passionate about each movie, every discussion is unique and often engages with the source material for the films discussed. 
Watch their discussion on The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy, featuring Dr. Corey Olsen below: 


Exploring The Lord of the Rings
Every week, Signum founder and president Dr. Corey Olsen teaches a detailed, chapter-by-chapter course on The Lord of the Rings “on location” within The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Each session spends time discussing the book chapter and its themes, reading passages and doing some close reading. For the final portion of each session, participants visit the places connected with the part of the book discussion, examining both the visual representations and the related quests and story lines.

“In the end,” said Dr. Olsen, “we will be studying The Lord of the Rings and also thinking about the adaptation of the story that the Standing Stones folks have done, which in my opinion is brilliant.”